Our Story

Welcome to Sistabag - where the rich tapestry of African and Black culture gracefully intertwines with the art of luxurious, personalized leather handbags. Born from a hobby and nurtured into a flourishing business by our founder, Michelle, a dedicated Nigerian American, Sistabag stands as a testament to the strength, beauty, and resilience embedded within every woman.

Sistabag blossomed in the quaint city of Boulder, Colorado, where Michelle began crafting handmade leather bags in her garage, each stitch imbued with her admiration for her African heritage and the diverse beauty of Black women. Her passion and remarkable designs soon captivated the attention of friends and creatives from various races and countries, all of whom shared a common aspiration: to elevate and celebrate Black and African cultures through unique, quality handbags.

Today, Sistabag is a harmonious confluence of global efforts, a team that spans continents, each member bringing a piece of their world, expertise, and love for rich, cultural expressions into our creations. Our handbags aren’t just accessories; they’re a vibrant declaration of pride, unity, and a celebration of diverse beauty, all carefully crafted with finesse, and tailored to reflect the wearer’s personality and style.

At the heart of Sistabag, each handbag is a canvas, painted with vibrant colors, bold patterns, and detailed with intricate designs, echoing traditional African prints and contemporary motifs that narrate the diverse stories of our community. Each creation is also adorned with uplifting and inspirational quotes, embedding messages of strength, resilience, and boundless potential within every carry.

Navigating the complexities of a global business, Sistabag prioritizes accessibility and affordability without compromising on quality. That's why, akin to widely recognized brands like Apple, our manufacturing process is based in China. This strategic decision allows us to harness cost-effective production while still adhering to our uncompromising standards of quality through rigorous inspection and quality assurance practices. Every Sistabag handbag, though crafted miles away, is imbued with the spirit and quality promised by our brand.

It’s essential to clarify that while Sistabag has roots in the United States, our branches spread globally, with every part of our international team playing a crucial role in bringing our handbags to life. From design to production, customer service to quality checks, our team members across the world contribute to the excellence we stand for, ensuring that every Sistabag aligns perfectly with our values and your expectations.

When you choose Sistabag, you become a cherished member of a vibrant, global community that incessantly celebrates and supports the diverse beauty, history, and accomplishments of African American women. You’re not merely purchasing a handbag; you’re embracing your rich heritage and connecting with a worldwide network of individuals who are bound by shared experiences, dreams, and aspirations.

Thank you for choosing Sistabag. Your journey, laced with the elegance of your heritage and the strength of unity, is as much ours as it is yours. Together, let’s continue to redefine, express, and celebrate what it means to be a confident, empowered Black woman in a connected world.